About Kayuf Care

Finding natural, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products is a lot easier said than done. After exploring many cosmetic products found in various cities around the world, the founder of Kayuf, Abdalla, realized that it was very hard to find products that were safe to use on our bodies. He learned that countless products that we use daily contain chemicals that were never meant to be inhaled, let alone touch our skin on a regular basis. He also learned that not only are many of these chemical-filled products leaving people with worse skin than before, but studies have shown that the chemicals are also leaving long lasting negative effects on the environment.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to find good quality cosmetics – but Kayuf has you covered! With your health and the environment in mind, this company uses only 100% halal, high-quality, safe, and effective natural ingredients in its products. Kayuf’s product range includes natural body and face bar soaps, cleansers, fragrances, oud, and pure oils such as blackseed oil. Our products are not only safe to use, but they are also effective and luxurious, providing people of all ages with a premium experience without breaking the bank!